Staffing for Group Home Residents

What is the staffing service for group homes and community living agencies?

In this service, one (or more) of our support workers (also known as Behaviour Interventionists) who has the skills to provide one-to-one behavioural supports are assigned to work with children or adults with special needs (e.g., Autism, FASD, Intellectual Disability).

What types of services can the support staff provide?

Our support staff are experienced in providing a wide range of supports that include:

  • Home care and respite supports
  • Teaching life-skills such as communication, self-care, and independence
  • Providing transportation to and from various locations in the community (e.g., school, summer camp, etc.)
  • Implementing behaviour support plans (BSPs) written by a member of the residential care team

How do the staffing services work?

Our process begins with an intake meeting in which we gain a thorough understanding of the resident’s unique circumstances and support needs. Next, we use the information gathered during the meeting to match the resident with one (or more) of our support staff who are best suited to provide the required supports. In the final step, we introduce our support staff to the residential care team and set a start date for service.

Who can benefit from staffing services?

This service is for any residential care team that oversees care for a child or adult with special needs and requires a trained and experienced support staff. Our staff work in a variety of settings with parents, family members, school administrators, and group residence managers to provide supports to persons with special needs.

Why choose ABE staff over other agencies?

We hire employees, not contractors
– When using one of our support staff, you do not have to worry about payroll or WSIB coverage since the staff we provide are our employees.

We invest in our staff – our support staff are trained and supervised on an on-going basis which translates to competent staff providing quality services.

We keep safety a priority – our support staff must pass stringent screening requirements including police and reference checks along with maintaining crisis prevention and First Aid/CPR training whenever required.

We focus on the right fit – we always go the extra mile to ensure that we match the residential care team with support staff with the right skills to get the job done.

Why Us?


All of our clinical services are overseen by a licenced Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA)


We hire the best support staff, behaviour interventionists, and consultants tailored to your unique support needs


All of our staff go through rigorous screening measures to ensure the safety of the persons we support


We are a community based agency serving persons with special needs across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Greater Vancouver Area (GVA). Our clients include parents, schools, group homes, and community living agencies.

Our Mission is to create ethical and person-centered supports for all persons with special needs including persons with Autism (ASD), Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD), Down Syndrome, and Intellectual Disability.